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We are excited to present our much anticipated bookend module to our ON-DEMAND ONLINE 13-module “Introduction to BFR Training” Certification Course on
Regardless of your BFR training certification, the BFR MASTERS SERIES - Module 14 “Clinical Rounds” will build your confidence applying BFR training in the post-surgical patient along with an in-depth analysis of 5 published case studies in a variety of patient populations that you WILL encounter in your practice as a fitness or rehabilitation provider.

Blood flow restriction can help improve patient outcomes and scale your business

In this 2+ hour advanced clinical module, we briefly review the Pillars of BFR, as well as the post-surgical use of BFR, followed by a deep dive into five published case studies, In this on-demand, virtual Clinical Rounds session, Nick Rolnick and Nick Licameli take us through the research in an engaging manner that makes it easy to digest and bring to your own clinical practice immediately.

These carefully selected case studies demonstrate exactly how BFR can be used by trained rehab providers to accelerate both performance and recovery, and can serve as a blueprint for clinicians to utilize in their own practice.

Within these case studies, we'll cover some of the most-requested topics from our students, including integration of BFR into post-surgical plan of care after ACL-R, use of BFR in geriatric populations, and utilization of BFR in patients with arthritis and tendinopathies.

This course qualifies for continuing education credits with the following organizations:

We are approved/pending for PT/PTA in most states for 2.25 hrs of Continuing Education Units

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Dr. Nick Rolnick & The BFR Pros Have Been Proudly Featured By Respectable Industry Authorities & Media

Why BFR Training?

Help patients move better 

When combined with accurate assessments and appropriate training programs, BFR can help your patients, increase muscle strength & balance.

Safely program

An effective method to help patients build strength and safely return from injury. BFR is an ideal training methodology to implement with post-operative patients.

Reach more patients

Become a BFR specialist and widen your service offering to a whole new type of clientele, from injured or post operative to athletic populations.

Train patients remotely 

BFR makes it easy for patients to train remotely and still build strength, without requiring heavy weights or any equipment.

Expand your expertise

Continue to develop your own practical skills, while also earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to help with your recertification process.

Maintain existing clients

Augment training programs for your existing patients with BFR, helping them to achieve their results faster

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied, we aren't satisfied

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the content in this online course, we'll happily give you your money back, no-questions asked.

If you aren't satisfied, we aren't satisfied

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the content in this online course, we'll happily give you your money back, no-questions asked.

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The Curriculum

What Our Students Have To Say!

Keith Steigbigel PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Owner & Practitioner,
Prolete Physical Therapy & Sports
Dawn Thomas, DScPT, OMPT
Dawn Thomas Physical Therapy
Matt D'Elia, PT, DPT, CSCS
Physical Therapist,
Elite Physical Therapy

Ben M.

What did you *like most* about the course?
Evidence-Based Studies resumed in short entertaining video + infographics. Great content

How did *this course* compare to another online courses you’ve taken?
Better Video Quality, Better Entertainment, Better Infographic

What's the *main reason* you would recommend it?
Don't stop learning! Course gives you a new update on current evidence-based research

How did *this course* compare to another online courses you’ve taken?
Better than Live Course with Smart Pros. MUCH more efficient.

What's the *main reason* you would recommend it?
Efficient, evidence informed means. Great value for money.

Andrew B.

Conor McClure

What did you *like most* about the course?
This was obviously a clinical rounds-focused course, but I really did enjoy the case study focus. I wish this was done more often. It helps take academia and theory and translate into practice. I think I took away a number of good strategies and ideas to use with patients, many of whom look very similar to the case study folks.
The slides and materials look clean and nice. You guys are VERY good at speaking and presenting. Quality was top-notch there.

How did *this course* compare to another online courses you’ve taken?
I haven’t taken many, to be honest. The speaking/video portions were much better than some of them I’ve seen. You guys were well-spoken, took your time, came across as professional and knowledgeable. It was actually a little longer than some I’ve taken but the length wasn’t really an issue.

What's the *main reason* you would recommend it?
Good information from a good, trusted source. Clinically applicable. Brief but thorough. Evidence-based and up to date.

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Meet Your Instructors...

Dr. Nicholas Rolnick, PT

Owner, The BFR Pros

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Dr. Nicholas Rolnick, PT
(aka The Human Performance Mechanic)

Specializing in performance enhancement and physical therapy, Nick is an adjunct professor of Kinesiology and Strength and Conditioning at Concordia University and Lehman College.

Outside of teaching, Nick is the co-founder and owner of the BFR Pros, one of the world's top BFR Course providers. Through his work, Nick has become one of the foremost authorities on Blood Flow Restriction, and runs BFR training workshops worldwide.

The BFR Pros' mission is to make the world a better place by helping people get back to the activities they love as quickly as possible and experience the joy of pain-free movement™.

Dr. Nicholas M. Licameli, PT

Nick believes in improving quality of life and inspiring healthy living to make the world a happier, healthier, and more loving place. Bodybuilding and physical therapy just act as ways to give back and carry out that cause.He sees himself never as an expert, but always as a student starving for knowledge and improvement.Nick wants to be an impactful and positive resource from which his younger self would have benefitted and of which his older self would be proud.

Nick graduated summa cum laude from Ramapo College of New Jersey with his bachelor’s degree in biology, then furthered his education by completing his doctoral degree in physical therapy from Rutgers School of Biomedical and Health Sciences (previously the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey) at the age of 24.He is a doctor of physical therapy, professional natural bodybuilder, and the director of an outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinic.Dr. Licameli is also the Injury Reduction and Management Specialist for 3D Muscle Journey and has his own online physical therapy and wellness company, Strength Together Inc.

Dr. Nicholas M. Licameli, PT

Instructor, Lecturer

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